Kitty no.208 bright pink plaid wool with dots


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Kitty no.208 bright pink plaid wool with dots


Meow reow mew mew purrrrr. That's kitty speak for "Take me home!" Perfect for cuddling, this soft kitty makes a very unique gift.



• Every kitty is one-of-a-kind and made from my original pattern. 


• Each one is numbered on their back in the order they were created. 


• Kitty has a quirky, hand embroidered face.

• Kitty's legs are uniquely positioned so that you can see all four legs at once. 


• It is made out of high quality, woven wool that has been felted, and is stuffed with eco-friendly fiberfill.

• Measures approximately 6 inches wide (15cm) and 9.5 inches tall from foot to tail (24cm).

• Kitties are mailed First Class through the United States Postal Service. Please let me know if you would liked them shipped differently.


All designs ©Penguin & Fish, please do not copy.


Domestic: $4.80

International: $12.00